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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New Crystal Shards Power Glove and Robot!

Heya Penguins! Today, A new power glove has been released and it's called the Crystal Shards.

Just click "Equip Gloves" and it will be added to your inventory.

If you use this power glove, it will throw a ball of ice at the target and crystal shards will pop out. And they destroy things too.

Now for the robot, The new robot has a very large body. So you just go on the villain menu.

Click "Build" and do what you do when you make make a robot. It's pretty simple!

After you make the robot, you can deploy it to destroy the city.

If you wave, it makes a special move.

It also makes a special move when you dance!

It's also pretty destructive. If you don't want the robot with you anymore just remove the remote on your hand. That's it for the today's party updates. the new and final power glove and robot will be out tomorrow. Be sure to get it!

Waddle On!
-Greeny78554 :)

New Author : Greeny78554 :D

Heya Penguins! I'm a new author of this blog. I'll be posting any latest cheats, sneaks peeks, and pins or latest missons on this blog. I'm a member with a complete badge. If you wanna meet me in Club Penguin, I'd say the Slushy and Snow Cone server are the best ways to reach me! My penguin is around 1000+ days old and it looks like this :

If you wanna talk talk to me. Just meet me in Club Penguin or Twitter (@Greeny78554CP). Be sure to follow me! I would love to be friends with every penguin I meet! :)

Waddle On!
-Greeny78554 ;)

Ooze Power Gloves and new robot released!

Hello penguins! The new Ooze Power Gloves for 'Super heroes' and Robot Villain for 'Super Villains' has been released. Check out the new gloves:

Click the "Equip gloves" button.

And then a message comes up tell you "Ooze Power Gloves has been added to your inventory." Press the OK button and this is how it works after you throw a snowball. :)

It's just like throwing slime everywhere! Now here are some of the things for Villains:

Click the "Build" button and after you build it, it will look something like this:

And with your penguin, it will look something like this:

If you press the letter "D" on your keyboard, it smokes up fire and destroy things. That's all for the sixth day of Marvel's Super Hero Takeover. 

-Snoop500 :)


New Author: Seis12 (@Seis12cp)

Hello penguins! I'm the new author for this site! As you know I'm going to post about club penguin.Now some things about me.... Curently im not a member on Club Penguin,my membership expired to day >.< So I'm not gonna post too much because the most of the Club Penguin upgrades or clothing is for members. So do not forget to leave a comment below, also remember Waddle on!

-Seis12 :) 

Secret Agent Training...

G'day penguins! This is a message from Polo Field:


I can't say exactly what this is, but very soon agents will have the chance to hone their spy skills... and face new challenges!

Tell us what you think this could be in in the comments below.

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

This means we'll have something new to do at the EPF, and so it's a short sneak peek from Polo Field. Tell us what you think this would be in the comments below.

-Snoop500 :)

Monday, 29 April 2013

Hiring up Authors now!

Hi there penguin pals! As I've done updating my site, I've now thought of hiring up some authors for this blog. If you want to be an author, you must follow some of the regulations :

1. Have a good grammar.
2. Be active.
3. No copy-pasting from other sites.
4. Take good quality pictures.
5. Must be experienced with blogging.

Send a sample post to: or if you have a Twitter account ask @Snoop500incp for more information. Hope you have a great day and good luck!

-Snoop500 :)

Fireball gloves and new robot released!

G'day penguins! The new 'Fireball Gloves' are available for the Marvel Super heroes. This is how they look like:

Be sure to receive them if you haven't. Click the gloves, then click the "Equip Gloves" button and throw a snowball to bast villains with a ball of flame. And now if you're a villain:

A new robot villain is released and if you want to get it, you got to build up the robot.

This is how it will look like after you've build it.

After you've built, choose a robot and then click the "Deploy Robot" button. Press "D" on your keyboard to destroy the Penguintropolis. That's all for the fifth day of Marvel's Super Hero Takeover.

-Snoop500 :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Spike Hike Announces Card-Jitsu Snow On Twitter

Hi Penguins!

Recently on twitter, Spike Hike tweeted an image which contains Sensei saying that Snow Is Coming. Is this a clue for Card-Jitsu Snow releasing? Anyway, here's his tweet:
Do you think that May's party will be a Medieval one or all about Card-Jitsu Snow? Let us know what you've got to say by leaving us a comment below!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

How To Get The RARE White Superhero Hoodie During The Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013!

Hi Penguins!

There have been a lot of rumors about a rare white superhero hoodie item that can be obtained at the Superhero Bounce game, and I can confirm today that it is true. In order to get the hoodie, all what you've got to do is to keep on playing the game until you reach the space where you'll spot a big meteor that you need to hit just like all the other crystals.
Then you'll get the following message asking you if you'd like to earn the rare white superhero hoodie item.
Click on "Claim Item!", and the hoodie will be all yours! Here's what it looks like on your player card:
I really worked hard to earn this item, so don't give up. Did you earn this hoodie yet? Leave us a comment below to let us know.

How To Get All The EPF Spy Phone Gadgets Exclusive

Hi Penguins!

Since Club Penguin updated the EPF spy phone at the beginning of this month, they added almost the same gadgets that were in the previous one. But you may ask, why is there a missing gadget in the bottom right of the phone beside the gadgets icon as the below picture shows.
The answer is that there is no missing gadgets, that space is for the "Elite Puffle" whistle gadget. But only those who got the whistle from Herbert's Revenge DS game can get the gadget on their spy phone, and have it look like the one below.
Do you have the Elite Puffle whistle gadget on your spy phone or not? Let us know in a comment!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Meetup Times On Both English & German Servers!

Hi Penguins!
Looking for a chance to meet Aunt Arctic during the Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2013? Then look no further! Below I've listed all of the meetup times with Aunt Arctic that were announced on the German Club Penguin blog today.
  • Monday 29 April at 17:15 (Central European Time), server Iceberg
  • Tuesday 30th April at 17:15 (Central European Time), Matterhorn server
  • Friday 3 May at 17:15 (Central European Time), server Snowflake
  • Wednesday 8 May at 17:15 (Central European Time), server igloo
But that's not all, there's still 1 more meetup with Aunt Arctic on an English server which was confirmed by Club Penguin when my friend Phineas0510 called them by phone! Here it is:
  • Saturday 27th April at 6 P.M (GMT), server Cloudy
Will you attend any of those meetups with Aunt Arctic? Drop us a comment below to let us know!

Yet Another Sneak Peek Of The "My Penguin" App

Hi Penguins!

Today, my friend Perapin showed me a sneak peek of a message that appeared to him when he got hit by Spike Hike from the My Penguin App. Here's what the pop up looks:
You've been hit from Spike Hike from the My Penguin app! Would you like to throw one back? :)
I think he threw a snowball back, and then Spike Hike tweeted that image of his penguin getting hit by it!

New Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2013 Wallpaper

Hi Penguins!

Since a long time ago Club Penguin didn't add any new wallpaper to their wallpapers section on the Fun Stuff page of the site, but today then finally did. A brand new background all about the Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2013 got added as the below picture shows.
How do you like this new wallpaper? Make sure to leave a comment in order to let us know!

Club Penguin Poll: Favourite Part Of The Party?

Hi Penguins!

Club Penguin updated their Penguin Poll with a brand new question which says:"It's Marvel mayhem! What's your favorite part?!". Here's the poll:
The choices to vote for are:
  • Collecting crystals
  • Building robots
  • Using my Power Gloves
  • Destroying the city with robots
  • Suiting up
What did you vote for? 

April 26, 2013 Field Friday Now On Server Fjord (Now Over!)

Update: This week's Field Friday is now over!

Hi Penguins!

Polo Field just tweeted that he's at the Club Penguin HQ in England, and he said that Field Friday will begin right now on the server Fjord. Here's his tweet:
See you there!

Another Minor Club Penguin Update: "Welcome Agent" Text Updated

Hi Penguins!

Along to the minor update which is the ability to turn all sounds off that I posted about yesterday, I noticed today a brand new one which includes the changing of the type of text used on the blue screen of the Everyday Phoning Facility building! The below image explains what I mean.
I like the new text which says "Welcome Agent"! It's better and clearer than the previous one. What do you think? Comment below to let us know.

Another Sneak Peek Of "My Penguin" App By Spike Hike

Hi Penguins!

Today, on twitter Spike Hike tweeted a new sneak peek of the "My Penguin" app in which he shows us what a penguin looks like when he/she gets hit by a snowball thrown by another penguin. Here's his tweet:
It sure looks funny how he got thrown by a snowball! What features do you think will be available in this app? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts and opinions.

Club Penguin Game On TV Commercial: Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2013

Hi Penguins!

A new Game On commercial is airing on several TV channels including Disney XD, and a cartoon network. It's all about the Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2013 which is now on the island on Club Penguin! If you didn't get to watch it on TV, you can watch it below.
Did you have fun watching the video? Comment below telling us if yes or not! 

Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2013 Parent Update Newsletter

Hi Penguins!

Club Penguin has begun recently sending out their monthly parent update newsletter of April 2013 to all registered emails. The newsletter of this month is all about the current party on the island which is the Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2013! It is shown below.
Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 10.10.28 PM
What do you think about this month's parent update newsletter? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013 - Members Only Features

Hi Penguins!

Since the Marvel party is finally here on the island, there are for sure just like any other party or event on Club Penguin some features reserved for members only. Below are all of the 3 members only features, and what pop up appears for non members when trying to access such features.

First members only feature is suitting up a Marvel character from the party catalogue. If a non member tried to do so, the following message will appear.

The second members only feature is equipping the power gloves which are available for super heroes. And if a non member tried to equip any of them (except the non members one) the following pop up appears.

Everyone on the island can play the villains robot factory game and build robots, but only members can Deploy and get control of them to destroy Penguintropolis! If a non member tried to do so, the following message will show up.

There are many cool features at this party which are for members only, so I convince everyone to buy a membership in order to join the fun by suiting up as a hero or villain, and then either destroy or save Penguintropolis. Have you got a membership on your penguin? Leave us  a comment below!

New EPF Message By Dot - April 25, 2013

Hi Penguins!

Recently, Dot sent out a new EPF message to all agents on the island informing them about the villain robots which are being built by super villains at their HQ! Here's her message:
It reads:
Attention. We're seeing a major outbreak of robots all over the island. And a lot of penguins in tights. Keep alert. There's only one bag of bolts who could be behind this!
I think she means Potobot! What do you think? Comment below to let us know.

Club Penguin New Superhero Mask Code

Hi Penguins!

Since the Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2013 is now on the island, Club Penguin decided to share a brand new code with everyone to keep them in the mood of the party. This code unlocks the Mask of Justice, and 500 coins.
The code is: MASQUE01
What are you going to spend your 500 coins on? And will you wear the mask of justice on Club Penguin? Let us know by commenting below!

Aunt Arctic Has A New Free Collectable Background

Hi Penguins!

Recently the Marvel superhero Takeover Party 2013 started on Club Penguin, and the mascot attending this party was Aunt Arctic. She has a brand new collectable background which you can obtain by meeting her. Here's what her new collectable background looks like on your playercard:
How do you like this new background? Leave us a comment to let us know your thoughts!

Minor Club Penguin Update: Ability To Mute All Sounds

Hi Penguins!

Along to all the major Club Penguin updates which occurred on the island today, there have been yet 1 tiny minor update which was released too. The minor update is that Club Penguin added the ability to mute all the sounds in the room, instead of just being able to mute the music in the room!
The cool thing about this new feature is that you will never hear a single sound, not even the sound of the toot or the bell hand item. What do you think about this minor update? Make sure to tell us in a comment!

Club Penguin Times Issue 392 - Super Heroes Needed!

Hi Penguins!

Club Penguin released a brand new issue of their weekly newspaper for the 25th of April 2013. It is the 392 issue to be released since Aunt Arctic began making the weekly Club Penguin Times! 

Here's the superhero side (front) of the newspaper:

The main article in this issue talks about the need of superheroes on the island.

The second article in this issue is all about how to collect the power crystals which are found all around the island.

And finally, here are the upcoming events:

The upcoming event listed are:
  • On Now! - The battle for Penguintropolis has begun!
  • May 2 - New Pin!
  • May 9 - Penguin Style
  • May 9 - Postcards

Now for the evil side (backside) of the newspaper!

The first article talks about the victory of villains that will be accomplished once they unite.

The second article is all about how to build robots.

Here are the upcoming events planned by villains:

And finally, here is a message left by Protobot in the newspaper:

If you translate it, it will say: "Robots are superior beings"! 

Marvel Super Hero Takeover: Walkthrough!

G'day penguins! The Marvel's Super Hero Takeover is here so be sure to collect all the items if you haven't. Log on to Club Penguin and the first thing which comes on the screen is this:

It says: "Choose your side" Super Hero or Super Villain? If you choose the Super Heroes side, this is what comes up:

A message comes up saying: "Your power gloved need energy! Collect the crystals to get more power" And then what you have to do is click the "Power Up!" button.

This page comes, now click that play button:

Collect the crystals and earn points. After you've done with that, this is what it says:

Now click the OK button.

If you're a member, then collect the yellow glove, and non-members can get the orange glove.

If you throw a snowball wearing the yellow glove, this is what it will look like.

Click the book which is on the corner of the screen, the catalog. You'll see a lot of costumes:

There're a lot of costumes for members and some for non-members as well so be sure to get them and wear it for the party!

Now for the Super Villains! Click the conquer button:

Now choose a robot and then click the build button.

Build a robot and after you've done, this is what comes:

And now you have to click the 'Deploy Robot' button which is only for members:

It will say: "Robot Remote Control has been added to your inventory." Now click the OK button.

This is how your robot will look like after you build it and if you try to throw a snowball, your robot does. If you want to remove your robot, click your player-card and then click the remote.

A message comes up saying that: "Do you want to remove this robot? The robot will be recycled. If you want to remove it then click the YES button and if you don't want to then click NO. If you want a coin bag, be sure to go to the pizza parlor and get them. That's all for the first day of Marvel's Super Hero Takeover.

-Snoop500 :)