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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 - Party Tasks from Kanan, Hera and Zeb

Hi everyone!

From today you can solve all of tasks for Star Wars Rebels Takeover. Looking at most of 2014's party tasks, these are kinda interesting. Check it out.

First we have .. Zeb! Click the grey 'VIEW TASK!' button..
Zeb will appear..

So you have to crush 4 towers at 4 different rooms, by simply throwing snowballs few times at them.
Here are the rooms you have to crush buildings at:
1) Dock
2) Beach

3) Snow Forts

4) The Forest

 After you've done all of that, click on that phoenix icon at the top right corner (by Membership badge) . Pick up the items!

 Now moving to the next quest, you can now solve Hera's quest. Click on 'VIEW TASK!' button and Hera will appear.

Click on 'Start!' button.
You have to find & click on 8 batteries in some of the rooms. This is an example of how the batteries will look like:
Now I'll name the rooms you can find them at and how many of them are in each room so that it'd make it easier for you!
The following rooms are:
Town - 1 battery
Dock - 2 Batteries
Beach - 2 batteries
Snow Forts - 2
Plaza - 1 battery

After you've picked up all batteries, click on the phoenix icon to pick up the items.
Now, finally, we unlocked the last mission - from Kanan.
Click on the 'Start Mission' button. Oops! We're trapped. Throw snowballs at these stormtroopers.

After you're done, they will appear again but in different section, throw snowballs at stormtroopers.

Now that we're done, they came over in all three sections so be fast and throw snowballs at every one of them!

Kanan will appear. Click 'OK' button.

Now Kanan will appear again but with glowing lightsaber, click 'OK'. 
Now you can even replay the whole Kanan's Quest and pick up items! That's interesting.
That's all!


~Marina Cro

Thursday, 22 January 2015

NEW ~ Star Wars Rebels Party Cheats - January 2015 & NEW Pin - 22th January

Hey everyone!

Club Penguin has released a new party, it's Star Wars Rebels Party. This party has started not a few hours ago and it's somehow similar to the previous Star Wars Takeover 2013.

This party is basically like most of them these days. What I mean is that they have:
-30 second tasks
-Throwing snowball tasks
- Waiting every 2 days for tasks and receiving items after finishing task.

However, let's check out the party!

When you log in, this screen will show:
After you've logged in, a Star Wars Rebels Member called Kanan will talk to you.

So click on the phoenix icon and this will appear..

After you clicked on it, take Sabine's task (the big purple task) by clicking on VIEW TASK and Sabine will appear.
Click purple 'START!' Button.
After you've clicked it, your task is to shoot total of 8 posters in every decorated room with snowballs.
Here are the rooms & where are those posters hidden:
1) The Dock:
2) The Town:

3) The Beach:

 4) Plaza:
5) Forest;

After you threw snowballs at posters this
will appear:

Collect the items and donee!
Now for Ezra's task you have to pick up 10 different fruit boxes at decorated rooms!

1) Town:

2) Plaza
3) Snow Forts

4) Beach

5) The Dock

6) Forest:
After you've picked up all of the boxes Kanan will appear..

Now you can pick up your items!

PLUS, here's a new pin! Pick it up at the Clothes shop and click on it.

 Now pick it up and done, your new pin has been added to your inventory :)
Also, don't forget to join LIGHSTABER DUELS! They have returned from 2013 Star Wars Takeover.

Until next time, bye!

~Marina Cro

New Author : Ranbirs Girl!

G'day penguins! 

This is Ranbirs girl (Ran) from CP!
I will be joining as the manager as well as the author of this site.
 I've got like a million things to tell you, but first, you guys should know that I'm totally an enthusiast of this amazing community! And you probably know why, right? ;)
Hanging out with buddies on the island and playing games, always fun!
So yeah, from now, you would be seeing me posting here too!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 Music!

Club Penguin has recently released the Star Wars Rebels Takeover music on Sound Cloud! You can listen below:

They all sound fantastic, don't they? I can't wait for the party to arrive! What about you? Be sure you let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

-Snoop500 :)

Coming Soon: New Cadence Track "You've Got This"

G'day Penguins! As Polo Field mentioned earlier about Cadence's new song "You've Got This", we've got another new sneak peek. Have a look at this message by Megg from Club Penguin's blog:

Hello Penguins,
Here's some epic news for you – we're working on a new Cadence track to be released in February!
Yep, that's right! The track will be called "You've Got This" and here's a little remixed sample for you:


Now, you may be curious as to why we're working on a new track... not to worry, we'll reveal more early next month! Stay tuned :D
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
That's awesome news! I can't wait to listen to her fully finished song. You can have a look at the audio above. It sounds pretty cool! This one's just the remix of her original track. Thanks to the CP team for showing us the sneak peek. How do you think the song is, so far? Let me know in the comments below!

Upcoming Cadence's New Song Sneak Peek!

G'day penguins! Polo Field has announced that Cadence will soon be releasing a song track sometime during the following weeks. Check out his tweet on Twitter. This is what it says:

This sounds really exciting! I can't wait for her new song to release since all her songs are enchanting and enjoyable. What do you think the song would be mostly related to? Let me know in the comments below!


Penguin of the Week: Cleo4343

Here is a message from Daffodaily5 on Club Penguin's Blog:

Cleo4343 was nominated for raising awareness of Coins for Change – she even wrote a song about it! How brill is that? She’s also known for throwing great parties in the Dance Club!
Penguin of the Week
Who do you think should be the next Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment and tell us why! All winners receive 10,000 coins and the POTW background.
-Club Penguin Team
It's such good news to know that we have such kind of brilliant penguins! Congratulations to Cleo4343! Whom would you like to nominate as the next POTW? Be sure you let me know in the comments below. Until then, waddle on!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Outdoor Activities: Aunt Arctic's Top 10 List of Things to do Before You're 12

Club Penguin has recently updated their Fun Stuff's Page, on the Outdoor Activities section.

Aunt Arctic shares her list of top 10 activities! 
 You can have a look at some of them below:

  1. 1.Bake scones                                Aunt Arctic
  2. 2.Write a story
  3. 3.Make a cup of tea
  4. 4.Interview someone
  5. 5.Create your own newspaper                                   
  6. 6.Create a Stamp Book
  7. 7.Read a good book
  8. 8.Help a new friend at school
  9. 9.Play a game of Find Four or Mancala with a friend
  10. 10.Have a trivia night with your family or friends.
Apart from Aunt Arctic's Top 10 activities, we also have Rockhopper's and Gary's too! Check out Rockhopper's activities below:

 Rockhopper couldn't keep his list to just 10, so here's his top 30 favorite pirate activities!
  1. 1.Build yer own pirate ship              
  2. 2.Find yerself a giant pirate hat                   
  3. 3.Go on a treasure hunt
  4. 4.Get yerself a first mate
  5. 5.Bury treasure                                   
  6. 6.Draw yerself a treasure map
  7. 7.Make yerself a fine beard
  8. 8.Eat some stinky cheese
  9. 9.Donate some coins to a good cause
  10. 10.Dance a pirate jig
  11. 11.Sing a pirate song
  12. 12.Tell a tall tale
  13. 13.Battle a mighty creature
  14. 14Learn how to swim
  15. 15.Direct yer crew
  16. 16.Relax on a beach
  17. 17.Name an island after yerself
  18. 18.Listen to Anchor's Aweigh
  19. 19.Keep a ship's log of yer adventures
  20. 20.Draw pictures of ten sea monsters ye've faced
  21. 21.Make a bulletin board
  22. 22.Make a rare items catalog
  23. 23.Make yer own telescope
  24. 24.Swab the deck
  25. 25.Speak like a pirate fer a day
  26. 26.Get yerself a pirate name
  27. 27.Crash yer pirate ship and build a bigger one
  28. 28.Get yerself an eye patch
  29. 29.Make a pirate meal!
  30. 30.Make a jar of cookie mix to give to yer mates
  31. Gary's Top 10 activities:
Gary the Gadget Guy shares his list of top 10 activities!

  1. 1.Create a volcano
  2. 2.Identify different plant species in your backyard or neighborhood
  3. 3.Make an egg float
  4. 4.Bend water with static electricity
  5. 5.Create new colors by mixing primary colors
  6. 6.Grow a plant from a seed
  7. 7.Identify 10 different types of bugs
  8. 8.Use a bucket of water and a string to test out centripetal force
              (make sure you go outside in a backyard or playing field)
  9. 9.Search for fossils
  10. 10.Make some monster cookies
  11. I like all the activities which are mentioned above! Which one of them do you think is the best? Be sure you let me know in the comments below. Until then, waddle on!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Snoop500 returns back to Blogging!

A very good day, penguin pals!

It's been a long time since I haven't Blogged due to my school work, which keeps me busy during the days. And that's why I wasn't able to bring you all with the latest Club Penguin Cheats. But this year, I'm getting back to work, which means that I'm back to Blogging! I'll try my best desirable way to mention all the latest updates. So don't forget to checkout my site regularly! I'll also be hiring a few authors. If you're interested or willing to help me run my Blog, you can contact me on my Twitter: @Snoop500incp or just click here. Stay tuned for more. Until then, waddle on!