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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Penguin of the Day: 44joey45

It's a brand new day, which means a new POTD! Congratulations to 44joey45 for being today's 'Penguin of the Day'! Have a look at this post by Daffodaily5:

44joey45 has been playing Club Penguin a reeeeally long time, even longer than me! Although he’s been playing since 2008, he is still a dedicated player and NINJA. He’s always keen to decorate his igloo in a really awesome way too!
Thank you for sending in your submissions to the team, keep them coming!
-Club Penguin Team
That's a very creative igloo! Whom are you willing to nominate as a next Penguin of the Day? Let me know in the comments below.
-Snoop500 :D

Attend a Mad Scientist Convention with Gary!

Hi guys! Gary will be visiting today, for the Halloween party, and he has invited everyone from the Club Penguin community! Check out this post by Polo Field, featuring on Club Penguin's blog:

Hello Penguins!
Gary is going to a Mad Scientist Convention and he wants you to be there! Put on your best MAD SCIENTIST costume -- whatever that means to you -- and meet Gary inside the University on Tuesday October 29th at 4 PM Penguin Standard Time (we will let you know the server by 3:30).
A Mad Scientist Convention is a big deal -- it might even be in an upcoming episode of #WaddleOn!
-Club Penguin Team

That's really going to be fun! I'll be heading there ( most probably ) and see you all there! We might get a chance to meet the members of the Club Penguin Team too! 

-Snoop500 :D

Month in Review - October 2013

Hiya penguins! Last week, Polo Field had asked us a few questions on which is your favorite season, and here's the best answer chosen by him!

Hello Penguins!
I really liked Elizabeth465's answer:
"My favorite season is winter because its by Christmas and pretty close to Halloween! The parties Club Penguin throw are amazing and I can't wait to go trick or treating!"
Great answer Elizabeth465! I love Christmas and Halloween, too!
Now it's time to look back on what happened in October on Club Penguin! Here are some highlights:
  • Clothing Catalog
  • Furniture Catalog
  • #Waddle On - Best of Season 1
  • Halloween Party with Rookie appearance
  • Anniversary Party with Aunt Arctic appearance
  • Happy Birthday music video
What were your favorite parts of October, and what would you like to see in the future?
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
I really liked her answer! And be sure you answer the latest question, the best answer will be featured on the blog, with 10,000 coins to your account! 
-Snoop500 :D

Monday, 28 October 2013

Penguin of the Day: Duducio

Hi guys! It's Monday, which means a new POTD! And today's Penguin of the day goes to Duducio, congratulations! Have a look at this post by Daffodaily5, featuring on Club Penguin's blog:

I’ve been told that Duducio is a very very kind penguin who likes to spend time with his buddies and give them surprises. I love surprises! His outfit is super duper cool too ☺
Is your friend super duper cool too? Contact us!
-Club Penguin Team
That's epic! I really like his Halloween outfit too :) Whom will you be nominating as a next Penguin of the day? Be sure you let me know in the comments below.
-Snoop500 :D

Saturday, 26 October 2013

New Music Video: It's Your Birthday!

Hi guys! It's a new music video by Jordan Fisher! Have a look at this post by Polo Field, featuring on Club Penguin's blog

Hello Penguins!
It's hard to believe it's been 8 whole years! Club Penguin has grown into a truly AMAZING community that I am proud to be a part of. Everything we do wouldn't be possible without the enthusiasm and support of all of you.
To show our appreciation, we've created a special Birthday music video! We asked Club Penguin veteran Jordan Fisher to sing guest vocals on the song (which is available as a free download here.) 
We wanted to make this special by featuring YOU -- the Club Penguin community -- in the video.  Remember, it's YOU that makes Club Penguin the special place that it is... 365 days a year. So this video is dedicated to YOU -- the Club Penguin players! 'Here's the song!'

 Here's to another year of awesomeness! Don't forget to share your most memorable moment from the past 8 years in the comments below, and on behalf of the entire Club Penguin Team...
Waddle on!
It sounds really nice, and I'm so happy to say that Club Penguin is now 8 years old! :D Which year did you join on Club Penguin? Be sure you let me know in the comments below.
-Snoop500 :D

Friday, 25 October 2013

Penguin of the Day: Makenziezing

Hi there penguins! Today's POTD goes to Makenziezing, congratulations! Have a look at this post by Daffodaily5, featuring on Club Penguin's blog:

Makenziezing has done a really amazing deed and participated in a sponsored walk raising money for charity! Hats off to her for making a difference in the world. Stories like this truly inspire me! (smile)
Has your buddy done something incredible recently? Well contact us and tell us about it!
-Club Penguin Team
That's very nice! Whom are you looking forward to nominate as a next 'Penguin of the Day'? Be sure you let me know in the comments below.
-Snoop500 :D

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Penguin of the Day: Flashwing02

Hi there penguin pals! It's another day, which means a new POTD! And today's Penguin of the Day goes to Flashwing02, congratulations! Have a look at this post by Daffodaily5, which reads on Club Penguin's blog:

Flashwing02 uses her creativity to benefit others! She makes and sells her own bracelets and then donates the proceeds to charity. It’s great to know you guys make a difference in your own communities as well as in Club Penguin. (smile)
If your buddy has done a good deed recently then let us know! Contact us with your nomination and your pal could get 5000 coins!
-Club Penguin Team
That's a really good way to help others I feel. I've got lots of friends who have done lots of good deeds! Just comment below, and I might pick you to nominate for the next Penguin of the Day!
Stay tuned,
-Snoop500 :D

Guest Blog: Kid President and Socktober!

It's Kid president! I've seen his YouTube videos, they're really informative! And now he's featured on Club Penguin's blog, which is just awesome :D Let's see what he has to say all about:

To all my Club Penguin friends!
I’m Kid President. I like to dance. I want to help make the world more awesome. You might have seen my videos online or maybe even watched them in school. I’m writing because I love Club Penguin! You guys know how to make cool things happen.
I’m declaring the month SOCKTOBER! and I need your help.
What if we got 1 million people to help the homeless? Every night there are nearly 600,000 people who have to sleep on the streets in our country and it’s about to get really cold. That’s not okay! We can help them.
See if you and your family can work together to collect new socks and other simple everyday things your homeless neighbors might need. Collect them all by October 31 and deliver them to the local shelter in your town. Kids all over the world are getting involved! Can’t collect socks? We’re also working to raise money to help our friend Aaron build a safe place for women and kids who are homeless in Little Rock, Arkansas.
We want to show the world what awesome looks like! If you and your family decide to help out with SOCKTOBER, we want to know! Have your parents email a photo of your donation to, along with your penguin name. I'll send a list of the penguins who donated to the Club Penguin Team, and they'll give you a special rare item for donating: the Green Bunny Slippers! How awesome is that?
There’s lots of people I could ask for help, but can’t think of a better group than my friends at Club Penguin. Let’s make this the best Socktober ever!
Together we can give the world a reason to dance!

-Kid President
That is just an AWESOME way to help the homeless, and people who're poor :( (I feel really sad for them) But TOGETHER, we can CHANGE the world, and make a world a BETTER place to live! I'm surely going to help in this! What about you? Are you looking forward to help these little fellas? Be sure you let me know in the comments below!
-Snoop500 :D

Anniversary Party - Aunt Arctic Meetup Times

Hiya penguins! Aunt Arctic will be visiting us for the 8th anniversary of Club Penguin! Have a look at this post by Polo Field, featuring on Club Penguin's blog:

Hello Penguins!
Thursday, October 24 marks Club Penguin's eighth anniversary! Aunt Arctic will be joining in on the party and we've got some meetup times for you!
Here you go!
Thursday, October 24
 * 3:00am on the server Crystal
 * 9:30am on the server Jack Frost
Friday, October 25
 * 1:00am on the server Frosty
Saturday, October 26
 * 3:00am on the server Cloudy
 * 12:30pm on the server Mittens
 * 5:30pm on the server Cozy
Sunday, October 27
 * 9:30am on the server Chinook
 * 12:30pm on the server Northern Lights
Remember! The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time. (If you don't remember what Penguin Standard Time is, you can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts.)
Until then... Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

That sure is going to be awesome! I'm so excited about this. Are you looking forward to pick up the 8th anniversary party hat? Be sure you let me know in the comments below.

-Snoop500 :D

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Penguin of the Day: Ansh2007

Hi there penguins! Today's Penguin of the day goes to Ansh2007, congratulations! Check out this message by Daffodaily5, on Club Penguin's blog:

Card-Jitsu can be a bit tricky to learn at first so it’s a good job there are penguins around like Ansh2007! They hang at The Dojo and share all their CJ techniques with new players. Oh and they're an awesome scientist complete with crazy green hair! Ace.
If your friend deserves to be Penguin of the Day then contact us! You could help them get 5000 coins! That's a lot of coins...!
-Club Penguin Team
That's pretty cool! Whom will you be nominating as the next POTD? Be sure you let me know in the comments below.
-Snoop500 :D

New Author!: Flatfeet2016

Hey guys!

Nice to meet you!

I am Flatfeet2016, but you can call me Double F or FF! I just joined Snoop's awesome blog! I'm so excited to be an author! I joined club penguin on December 11 2011. I have exactly 200 stamps, have 8 puffles, I met every mascot except PH. I like hanging out at parties in Club Penguin, I'm sometimes the "Life of the Party"! I like goofing off. Now I'll show you my penguin!
And yes, he is a non-member.
I am thankful to Snoop for letting me join her blog. I hope you guys like me :)

Happy Waddling!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Chattabox Anniversary Party Appearance!

Hello guys,
After a long time Chattabox has posted, She coming on Anniversary party. Let's check out the full post for more information on the post :)
G'day Penguin friends,
After a very long and relaxing holiday, I'm back in the wonderful world of Club Penguin. There sure is some awesome igloos around at the moment, looking forward to visiting them all!
I will be dropping by to say hi on Thursday 24th October at 4pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time/or 6pm NZ time), so come and join me on the 'Ice Berg' server - I'll be hanging out in the creeeeepy forest! Don't forget to come dressed in your spookiest Halloween outfits!

Can't wait to catch up with you all!
Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Team

So guys would you come to the party? Let us know by your comments here.

Club Penguin Halloween Party Disney Channel Game On

Hello guys,
We have a new Game On by Disney, the Game On talks about our current Halloween party. You guys should have a look on it here!

So do you like Halloween party? Be sure to tell us by your comments here.

Party Hint for November 2013 (SPOILER!!)

Hello everyone!1 I'm Field, Snoop's friend! I've found a party hint for November. So if you don't want spoilers, look away, quick!!!

So, in this Club Penguin video, at the twelfth second you can see a flashing logo.. Check it out here if you haven't here!

Here it is.. look at the bottom left of the picture.

And a tweet from Spike Hike..

What do you think?
Waddle on!
Field/Fruity Bomb

Penguin of the Day: Bestpopstar2

G'day everyone! It's Monday, which means a new 'Penguin of the day'. Check out this post by Daffodaily5, featuring on Club Penguin's blog. :)

If you’re looking to PAR-TAY during Halloween this year, head to Bestpopstar2’s igloo as she’s the ghost-ess with the most-ess who will make sure you have a frightfully fun time!
Submit your Penguin of the Day nominations via the contact us page!
-Club Penguin Team
That's really very nice, and I love her igloo too! Whom are you looking forward to nominate as the next POTD? Be sure you let me know in the comments below.
-Snoop500 :D

Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Graphics Designer

Hello guys,
My name is Dhruv.Many of you people  may know me from Twitter.I'm new GFX designer for Snoop's site.I would not post much but yes I would keep you updated the new GFX coming to site and other site updates.Be sure to follow me on Twitter,My twitter account is @DhruvpenguinCP

Waddle on

Snoop500's back to work!

Hey guys! I hadn't been posting for a while due to my school work. But no more hesitation, I'm back to work again! It's the month of Halloween and I'm really excited about this year's Party on Club Penguin too. Are you excited for the candy hunt? Hopefully I wish it's there this time! (But just found out that there'll be no candy hunt!) Be sure you let me know about your thoughts and suggestions for this time's Halloween Party on Club Penguin. And if you're interested in helping me blogging, be sure you send me a sample post to ( and the best blogger will be picked out. Stay tuned up for more stuff!

Waddle on!
-Snoop500 :D