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Saturday, 31 May 2014

May 2014 - Month in Review

Today's the last day of May, and Megg from the Club Penguin team, has posted the following message on Club Penguin's Blog:

Hey everyone!
Penguin Style, new igloos, funny hats, snowball fights, robos, space!  
And we want to know, what was your favorite part of May?
Let us know in the comments below!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team

My favorite part was the Funny hat week, and defeating Protobot! The Future Party was great, I loved it. What was your favorite part? Let me know know in the comments below!

--Snoop500 :)

Friday, 30 May 2014

Penguin of the Week: Trisher2!

This week's penguin is Trisher2, a very creative penguin who not only knows to design igloo's, but his own outfits too! This is a message by Daffodaily5 on Club Penguin's Blog:

It's that time again! Time to announce the winner of Penguin of the Week! And it goes toooo [drum roll]... Trisher2! This penguin has a keen eye for design. Not only has he made practically every igloo imaginable, including pirate caves, aquariums and fashion shows, but he also likes to match his igloo to his outfits. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty impressive! Check out that epic multicoloured outfit! :)
All POTW winners receive 10,000 coins along with the brill Penguin of the Week background. If you know a mega penguin who deserves to be POTW, just let me know in the comments!
-Club Penguin
That's a very creative igloo, and outfit too. Congratulations, Trisher2! Whom do you think should be nominated as the next POTW? Don't forget to let me know, in the comments below!

June Sneak Peek: Penguin Cup!

Club Penguin will soon be holding the Penguin Cup, starting from June 19th! Check out this message by Polo Field on Club Penguin's Blog:

Some of you may have heard rumors about what we've got coming up in June.
Well, if the rumors you heard were about soccer, they're true!
We're holding the first ever Penguin Cup!
Get your cleats out, the games begin June 19.
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

That's a great party, and I bet it's going to be awesome! How do you think the Penguin Cup is going to be? Let me know in the comments below.


Thursday, 29 May 2014

Free 30 Day Membership!

Woah! Club Penguin is being nice and giving away a 30 DAY MEMBERSHIP. For free. Sweet!

How do you redeem this awesome prize? Well, you have to live in the United States of America. Sorry for those of you who don't :(. Also, your penguin can not have had an active membership within the past 90 days. And finally, even though this is free, you need to give them a credit card number. This is because after the 30 days are over, it will renew the membership automatically but this will cost money, so best cancel it.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to This website for it! Thanks to MrCPcheats2014 for this helpful news.


Space Academy Crest Pin Cheat!

Club Penguin has released a brand new Pin called the Space Academy Crest Pin! Here's how you get it


Log on to Club Penguin, and go to the Dance Lounge. You'll see that the new pin has been located next to the Bits and Blots game station.


Click the pin, and pick it up to add it to your inventory.


The Space Academy Crest Pin has successfully been added to your inventory!

Waddle on,

Club Penguin Times Issue #104449!

Club Penguin has released their latest edition of CP times! Have a look at some flitter-ific news!

Here's an article about Protobot attacking Club Penguin by Gary the Gadget Guy.

This is something about the Time Portal. I found it very interesting. :)

If you go to the comics section, here's what this times comic is!


Here are some awesome tips by Gary to defeat Protobot.

Lastly, here are some of the upcoming events! That's all for now. Stay tuned for more, until then, Waddle on!


Protobot attacks Club Penguin!

Protobot has returned to the island! Here's how you defeat him:


If you click the Gear, it shows that Protobot will be attacking according to the timer which is set.

Here's what he tells first.

Protobot is attacked by the penguins!

And...he's defeated!

Here are the items you receive after you defeat Protobot. Good luck defeating him! Have you defeated Protobot? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

June Mini-Event

Club Penguin is having a Penguin Prom at the University! Check out this message by Megg on Club Penguin's blog:

It was great hearing how much everyone enjoyed Funny Hat Week. 
So we thought, why not do that again? Well, not exactly that. But another mini-event!
This time, we're throwing a Penguin Prom at the University! 
Wear your best gown or tux, and come celebrate June 12-18!
Waddle on,
- Club Penguin Team

That sounds awesome! I really like the idea of the Penguin prom. What about you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

-Snoop500 :)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

UK Magazine - Penguin Cup Special!

Daffodaily5 has shared a sneak peek of the upcoming UK Magazine - Penguin Cup Special! Have a look at this message by her on Club Penguin's blog:

I just got my hands on the latest copy of the UK CP mag! This month the focus is Penguin Cup... talk about EPIC! I thought I'd share some sneak peeks with you guys before it hits the shops.
As I said, this issue focuses on next month's Penguin Cup party, so you should expect lots of sport related info! As I'm from the UK, I'm obviously a huge footy fan, so this issue is super exciting! Of course, one of the most important things about any upcoming party is what outfit to wear, so it's worth taking a cheeky glance at Cadence's Catwalks  to see some fab outfit ideas for you to try out! You can also unlock some extra football gear using the item unlock code :)
As always, there's a fun selection of perplexing puzzles and hilaaaarious comics, plus a brilliant Puffle Cannon free gift! The magazine will be available in UK stores on May 29th (that's this Thurs!)
-Club Penguin Team
That looks really awesome! And this magazine will be available in UK stores on this Thursday, as said by Daffodaily5. If you're the UK Club Penguin player, are you looking forward to get this latest edition? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Join Forces with Chattabox!

Chattabox has organised a new Mini-Party which is on the upcoming Thursday! Check out this post by her on Club Penguin's official blog:

G’Day Penguins,
The Future Party is here!!! And how much fun is the future?! I’m having such a great time exploring, eating out at the Blast-Off Bistro and trying on all the awesome future-inspired outfits in the catalogue. Check out the picture of a few of us rockin’ out in the Dance Dome. 
I’ve also been battling meteors and getting ready for The Prorobot Battle. But I think I’m in need of a little help. So for this weeks party, I’m calling all penguins to join forces and go battle those meteors. Come prepared with your “Fish Sticks”, “Big Red”, “O’Blaster” or “Cadet Jetpack” and we will re-group at the new galactic zoo that has opened up for this months party (how cool!). 
Lets meet in The Future at The Zoo on the Down Under server at 4pm (East Australian Standard Time) on Thursday 29th May, which will be 6pm for all of you in New Zealand. Don’t forget, this is now 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 28th May for everyone over in the US and Canada, and 7am on Thursday 29th May for my pals in the UK.
Waddle on!
- The Club Penguin Team

 Sounds awesome! I'll try to be there in time. And the future Party is futuristic-ly epic! Don't forget to come. I'll see you there! Stay tuned for more. Until then, Waddle on!


Penguin Poll! : Future Favorite

Club Penguin has updated their new Poll at the Fun Stuff's  Page. Have a look at it below:


It reads: 'The Future Party is now! What's your favorite thing about the future?' I pick Space ships, they're epic!


Looks like Space Ships and Space fashion are most of them's favorite! What's yours? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Monday, 26 May 2014

Graduation Ceremony Sneak Peek!

Trainman1405 has recently announced that he has finished high school. One of Club Penguin's moderator, Polo Field had congratulate Trainman1405 for his big achievement. In his tweet, he has used a picture of unreleased room. Let's see how the rooms looks like!

Story image

Unfortunately, we don't know what is this room called, but most probably, it can be called "Graduation Ceremony Stage Room". As well as, you can see that there is a free item which looks like Polo Field's rare "Graduation Hat", but looks like that the color is changed. Looks like we'll have to wait and see!

Between, congratulations to Trainman1405 for graduating high school! Make sure to comment below congratulating Trainman1405, for his big achievement!


Frozen Takeover Confirmed!

So, Spike Hike has confirmed a Frozen takeover! At a meetup with Spike Hike, he confirmed there would be a Frozen party. Here is a pic.

So, its official. Me, I was never a fan of Frozen, but there are kids older than me who enjoyed the movie. Whats your favorite Frozen moment? Comment down below. Credit to Riyita at CPS for this helpful news. 


Saturday, 24 May 2014

New Online Safety Book!

Hi. This is my first post at CPS. I'm Cameraman22. If you need to contact me, do so on Twitter, I'm @CameramanCP.

Anyways, remember the online safety video from February? Well, Club Penguin released a book for all iPad and Mac users. This book is a free download for anyone! Check it out at this website. And remember... Online safety starts with YOU.

Thanks to Trainman1405 at Club Penguin Memories as the source.


Future Party Short: Protobot Returns!

Club Penguin has released a new Video of Probot returning to the island! Have a look at this post by Polo Field on Club Penguin's blog:

The future of Club Penguin is in jeopardy, Protobot has returned and is wreaking havoc on the island!
The island needs your help...

Waddle on, 

-Club Penguin Team

 That looks really epic. Can't wait to battle! What about you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Friday, 23 May 2014

Penguin of the Week: Master Flap!

It's Friday, which means a new Penguin Of the Week. Congratulations to Master Flap for becoming this weeks penguin! Here is a message by Daffodaily5 on Club Penguin's blog:

This week's winner of Penguin of the Week goes to Master Flap! Not only is this penguin friendly to everyone he meets, but he's also super helpful. This goes hand in hand with the fact that he gives such great tours to new players on Club Penguin. Well done for being an awesome penguin :)
The Penguin of the Week background will be added to Master Flap's inventory along with 10,000 coins! If you have someone in mind for Penguin of the Week, don’t forget to send me your nominations by commenting below.
-Club Penguin Team
That's a really good job, Master Flap! I really like his space igloo too. He sure deserves to be one :) Whom do you think should be the next POTW? Be sure you let me know in the comments below!

Protobot Battle Tips

Are you having trouble battling the meteors? Here are some tips from Polo Field on Club Penguin's blog:

We heard that some of you are having difficulty destroying the meteors.
So here are some tips to help you out:
  • Encourage everyone in the room to shoot the meteors. The more penguins in the room, the harder the battle, so get everyone to help out.
  • Throw snowballs at one meteor and destroy it before throwing at the next one.
  • Throw your snowball just below the meteor. That way your snowball will hit while it's falling.
  • The Protobot battle will begin May 29, so keep these tips in mind when you face off against him.
What do you think of the space battle? Leave your comments below!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Thanks Polo, for some of the helpful tips! I think the space battle sure is fun. It lets you earn lots of points too, which can later be used to purchase some of the items at the gear. Are you having fun at the Future Party? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

New Member: Rockhoney!

Hey Penguins!!
I'm Rockhoney, a new member of this blog and I'm gonna help with all the Club Penguin Updates. Also, I make some Graphics. Let me introduce myself below:

I play Club Penguin which is so cool! I love making new friends. I make icon and logos with trackers for everyone. If you want, then contact me here:

Twitter: @Rockhoneycp
My penguin looks like this on Club Penguin:

Hope we can be good Friends. Thanks!

Waddle On,

Future Party: Ultimate Walkthrough!

Club Penguin's Future Party is on! Which means they've got a brand new look, items, updates and more! Have a look at this simple Guide:

Here's the log in screen, and we're in the Future!

Gary pops up in the screen and tells that Protobot is launching Meteors at everyone.

Click the Holo Comm to gear up your costumes.

Earn points by destroying the Meteor, and you can get some of these cool space items.


The Space Cadet Jetpack is an item for everyone, so don't forget to add it to your inventory!

Here are some more items which will get unlocked within the upcoming days.

This is the Futuristic Map! You can visit the Space Igloo's and check out some of the igloo's decorated by the penguins around the island.


Here's how you go to the Space Igloo's. You can also buy the Space igloo for 2000 coins.

Go to the Beach, and enter the Lighthouse!

Here's the Space Training Center! You can destroy the Meteors, and earn points to customize your gear.

Here are the Meteors! Press the T button to throw Snowballs and destroy them. You also earn points.

Press T, as I told earlier!

Here's how the Dock looks like. It's one of my favorite places!

Here's how the Town looks like. You can customize your Robots, go to the Coffee shop and Dance at the disco too!

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 11.14.01 PM

You can choose these colours to customize the robots, and then paint them!


Here are some of the New emotes for the Future Party!


Gary's our Mascot for the Future Party! And here is how his player-card looks like.


Click the Box to pick up Gary's New Background!


Gary's Background has successfully been added to your inventory.


Here's how it looks on your player-card! I'm not a member, I'll be renewing it this Saturday. :) That's all for now! I hope this helped you. Stay tuned for more, until then, waddle on!