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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Club Penguin EPF HQ Construction Progress And New Mini Game Released!

Good news agents, the EPF HQ's construction is almost done. It is now semi done, and there is a brand new mini game which is now available in the HQ! It is called "Spy Drills", and it is now replacing the Field Ops at the yellow screen on the right of the HQ. But before talking about the game in details, here's what the Ski Village now looks like after the HQ is semi done:

It's now cleaned up, and everything related to the construction is now removed. But the Everyday Phoning Facility building still needs some repairs! If you enter to the EPF HQ, you'll find out that it now looks like this:

If you'd like to play the Spy Drills mini game, go to the yellow screen and click it on then pick "yes" from the pop up that will appear after you click on the screen.

This game contains all of the mini games that we used to play during the weekly Field Ops! There are 2 ways of playing; Either by training, which earns you no medals and let's you pick and play any mini game out of the 8 freely. Or by Challenging, which lets you earn medals if you success in 3 randomly picked mini games without doing a single mistake in ANY of the 3.

How do you like the brand new mini game? It is really an amazing game, and good thing that it helps us earn medals easily!

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