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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam 2013 Full Walkthrough and Cheats

Club Penguin's Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam 2013 just began on the island! This party is a combination of the Summer Party, Water Party, and Music Jam; so it is a 3 in 1 party. This party advertises the Teen Beach Movie and contains the same decorations, characters, and activities from the movie it self!

Getting started:

Once you login, Mckenzie and Brady will pop up to welcome you to the party. Click on 'Let's Surf!' once you're done reading.

After doing that, the following will show you what items you can earn at the party, when, and also where to earn them! Everyone can earn them. And as for today, you can earn the Guitar. Click on 'Go There!' to be taken to the Dock to collect it. 

You can get back to this screen at any time, simply by clicking on it from the top right of your screen.

Collecting today's item:

If you go to the Dock, you'll a notice a small stand which if you click on you'll get the ability to pick up today's free item, the Guitar.

A pop up appears to show you how this item will look like on your player card. Click on 'Collect' and it'll be added to your inventory.


In some of the decorated rooms around the island, you'll spot an entrance to a biking area. Enter it to join other penguins in biking for fun.

This is what it looks like if you're not riding a bike:

While this is what it looks like when you're riding a bike:

There are some exits that will appear on your way which will take you to some of Club Penguin's room like the Plaza and the Cove. This is what it looks like:


Just like how you can find biking areas in some of the decorated rooms for the party, you can find some surfing areas! The signs that point to a surfing area look like this:

This is what it looks like when surfing: (the surfboards are always random for everyone - members and non)

Decorated party rooms:

Lots of rooms got decorated around the island for this new party! Take a look at them all below.

The Beach:

The Dock:


Snow Forts:





Club Penguin University: (notice the locked door on the left)

Hidden Lake: (notice the locked ladder that leads to the Forest)

Party Catalogue:

Just like in all other parties, this party has a special catalogue which contains costumes related to it. It looks like a brown book on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Check out the many pages of the catalogue:

As for the hidden catalogue items, here they're:

Go the page shown below then click on the ring of the Red Motorbike for the Grass Skirt which costs 200 coins.

While to find the Shady Shades which cost 200 coins and are the second and final hidden item in this catalogue, scroll to the page below then click on The Butchy!

Attending McKenzie and Brady's show at Big Momma's:

On the outside of Big Momma's, there's a countdown to the next show.

This is the inside of Big Momma's where there's a also a countdown for the next show. The stage with instruments is where they'll both perform.

There's also a backstage which members only are allowed to access for a higher chance of meeting McKenzie and Brady.

Here's what the backstage looks like:

You can earn a free background in the backstage by standing in the spot that camera is pointing to, and then it'll take a picture and give you the free background.

You can also access the backstage from the Snow Forts.

Once their show begins, they'll appear and start dancing while singing the 'Surf's Up' song from the Teen Beach Movie.

Make sure to click on one of them to earn their 1st background. The second can be earned by meeting them.

The background looks like this on your player card:

Miscellaneous things: 

There are 3 new limited emotes for this party - A surfboard, beach ball, and a flower.

There are new Safe Chat messages for this party.

There are also some Tour Guide messages and jokes for this party! As for the stamps of this party, here are the ones you can unlock:
  • Cadence - Be in the same room as Cadence
  • Snack Shack - Serve snacks from a booth, using any food emote
  • Happy Room - Make 10 penguins smile in a room
Members-only features:

Just like all other Club Penguin parties, this party contains some features for members to access only. Check them out on the 2 following pop up screens:

Are you having a great time at this new party? Do you like it? What would your rating be on a scale of 1-10 where 1 being the worst party ever and 10 being the best party ever? Make sure to also comment below with all your answers, thoughts, ratings, opinions on this cool and brand new party which is the one of the best parties in my opinion!


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