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Friday, 23 August 2013

Exclusive: Beach Party Igloo and Grey Colour Coming To My Penguin Version 1.2

Club Penguin's next My Penguin app version which is 1.2 is coming very soon this month, and rumors say that it was confirmed to come out on August 30, 2013. As for this exclusive post, Pen50gi who's my friend was able to find out that the next version is going not to just contain Igloo decorating and liking, but even an exclusive 'Teen Beach Party' igloo and the exclusive colour 'Grey'! Pen50gi first found out that the Grey Colour is coming to the app's next version by adding 3 moderators and noticing that when he was sending a friend request to third that she was wearing the colour grey. (notice her on the Buddy List because it is when she WAS wearing the exclusive colour grey) 

Here's a penguin cutout of her if you're interested:

As for the second exclusive of the next app's version, is that in the following information on Club Penguin's Summer Jam party, you can notice that the final point says that Members can receive an exclusive igloo in the My Penguin app! This further hints to a close releasing of the next version of the app too.

Are you looking forward for the next version of the My Penguin app? Are you excited to buy the exclusive igloo or the exclusive new color? Make sure to comment below with all your thoughts, opinions, and answers!


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