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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Attend a Mad Scientist Convention with Gary!

Hi guys! Gary will be visiting today, for the Halloween party, and he has invited everyone from the Club Penguin community! Check out this post by Polo Field, featuring on Club Penguin's blog:

Hello Penguins!
Gary is going to a Mad Scientist Convention and he wants you to be there! Put on your best MAD SCIENTIST costume -- whatever that means to you -- and meet Gary inside the University on Tuesday October 29th at 4 PM Penguin Standard Time (we will let you know the server by 3:30).
A Mad Scientist Convention is a big deal -- it might even be in an upcoming episode of #WaddleOn!
-Club Penguin Team

That's really going to be fun! I'll be heading there ( most probably ) and see you all there! We might get a chance to meet the members of the Club Penguin Team too! 

-Snoop500 :D

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