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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Muppet's Tour Takeover: #Task 8 - Play the Maracas!

Today's Final task on Muppet's World Tour is #Task 8 - Play the Maracas! Log on to Club Penguin, and click on the book which's on the top-right of your screen.

                                  Now click on the Task which says 'Play the Maracas'!

                                             Fly off to Mexico and meet Pepe, and that's the Dock

                              Here's where you'll find him! Now go to him, and this is what he'll all say:

                   Click on the OK button, and find the Maracas icon to join another performer's act.


                                                         This is how it really looks like!

                                      Click on the Collect button to add the hat to your inventory

Mexican Sombrero has finally been added to your inventory! Click the OK button, and check back the book once again, in case you've missed out something.

And you'll see that you have completed ALL the Tasks! I really enjoyed completing the tasks, wish there were more! Stay tuned for more. Until then, Waddle on!

-Snoop500! :D

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