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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

EXCLUSIVE SPOILER: Upcoming Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 Costumes REVEALED!

You probably heard that the next Club Penguin party is going to be the Medieval Party 2013 with all new costumes, new quest, new rooms, and everything else new! Since the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam is still going on, we didn't and won't be hearing anything about the Medieval Party until it ends. But don't worry, as I've got 2 exclusive unreleased costumes of the Medieval Party 2013 that will available on sale during it in its party catalogue to show you if you'd like to get excited for the party or have an idea about what to come! Have a look below at the 2 costumes.

That's not all! It was confirmed to me by Club Penguin support that the king costume is returning. There are many coloured king costumes, but they only told me that the 'red' one is returning so I'm not sure about the others! (they did NOT confirm that the other coloured king costumes will or won't come; it stays a mystery) What are your thoughts on those 2 unreleased Medieval Party 2013 costumes? Are you excited for the party? I'm sure we'll hear lots more about the party very soon!


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