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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Penguin of the Day: Flashwing02

Hi there penguin pals! It's another day, which means a new POTD! And today's Penguin of the Day goes to Flashwing02, congratulations! Have a look at this post by Daffodaily5, which reads on Club Penguin's blog:

Flashwing02 uses her creativity to benefit others! She makes and sells her own bracelets and then donates the proceeds to charity. It’s great to know you guys make a difference in your own communities as well as in Club Penguin. (smile)
If your buddy has done a good deed recently then let us know! Contact us with your nomination and your pal could get 5000 coins!
-Club Penguin Team
That's a really good way to help others I feel. I've got lots of friends who have done lots of good deeds! Just comment below, and I might pick you to nominate for the next Penguin of the Day!
Stay tuned,
-Snoop500 :D

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