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Friday, 21 March 2014

Muppet's World Tour - #Task 2: Miss Piggy!

Here's a simple guide to show you all Today's Muppet's #Task 2.

  • Log on to Club Penguin, and click the book which is on the top right side.
  • After you click, this is what you'll see:

Now click the 'Find Miss Piggy' button. 

It will take you to the Town! Click on Miss Piggy, and here's what she'll say: :)

Click the OK button

Click on the Mike.

You'll sing a song!

And this is the reward you'll get! Click on the 'Collect' button. :)

The Bowler Hat has been added to your inventory! Click the OK button, and click on the book again.

You have finally completed the task! Stay tuned for more. Until then, waddle on!

-Snoop500 :D

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