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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Muppet's World Tour - Ultimate Walk-through!

The Muppet's Takeover is here! Everything looks really exciting. And here's a Walk through of Today's fantastic day. The moment you log in, here's the screen how it looks like:

After it's done with the loading, here's a pop-out message which comes on!

It's Kermit! And he'll introduce you few things. 

After you press the next button, this is what it'll say.

This was the first place I dropped by. And it was the Plaza! Looks wonderful though. :) Now click the book which's displayed on the upper-right corner.

Here's the first thing you'll see! Click the 'Find Fozzie' button. ( Throw a cream pie* ) Now that sounds fun!

This is the place it will take you to. Looks like it's the Forest! And click on 'Fozzie the bear' :)

Here's what Fozzie the Bear says. If you click the pie logo, you'll join a pie throwing game against a penguin, and I must say, it's really fun!

After you've finished with the with that, here's what it appears. A stylish hat! Click on the 'Collect' button.

The Alpine Hat is then added to your inventory. Now click the Book again, and this is what it'll say.

It say's 'Complete!' That was really fun :P

Click the next page, and you'll find some amazing Muppet's Costumes! Now let's have a look at all the ''Places!''

Here's how the 'Map' looks like! Now click the 'CP AIR FLIGHTS' And you'll see this.

All you'll see is some igloos! :) You can also buy the CP Airliner for 1200 coins.
 Here are the places: 

  • This is how the Town looks like.

  • Dock
  • Beach.

  • Ski Village. Have you noticed some posters everywhere? 
Click it, and you'll see this:

It says WANTED! 

Snow Forts. 


Plaza. Now if you click 'The Muppet Theater' this is what it'll say:

Click the OK button.

  • Forest

  • Last but not the least, it's the Cove!
That's all for Today! Stay tuned for more. Until then, waddle on!

-Snoop500 :D

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