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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Penguin Style: September 2013 is out!

Hello penguins!

Today is Thursday, a day when Club Penguin updates! Today's September and Penguin Style haven't been updated for a month so Club Penguin updated the Penguin Style! I wonder are there any Medieval items? Read and see how new Penguin Style looks like!

This is the cover of catalog.

Now let's take look at the pages! Here goes the first page and it's really nice!

Second page is amazing with a secret item which you can find around the red circle on penguin's beak...

...and congratulations, you have found a Blue Shield! 

And now, let's take a look at the 3rd page! It's so king-styled with an secret item inside the circle!

And when you click inside the red circle on 3rd page, you'll be able to buy a Fairy Wings which is pretty cool fairy neck item for girls!

And now, let's take a look at the 4th page! It's really awesome and there's another secret item inside the red circle...

..and you have found a Yellow Shield! This item is same like Blue Shield, only different color but it's still pretty cool though!

Here we are, on the 5th page! You can obtain Villager costume items and even buy the secret item inside the red circle!

And here, you can obtain Purple Butterfly Wings for 400 coins which is secret item on 5th page!

Here's the last page of new items = 6th page! It has 2 secret items inside the red circles.

Click on The Snow Princess hair to get Sapphire Princess Hat and Maiden's gown for, at all, 725 coins if you count both items.

And the second secret item is hidden on the Knightly Helmet (look at the 6th page)!

And here's the last page where you can obtain Blacksmith Apron for only 100 coins!

I personally think this is the best penguin Style from all Penguin Styles from this year so far. It has cool items, secret items and it's so Medieval themed! I like Medieval Party and I'm looking forward for this years' Medieval party. 

What do you think about this month's Penguin Style?

Leave your option in the comments below.

Waddle on!

-Marina Cro

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